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How two young entrepreneurs are automating business processes in the country's largest companies. ...

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Will software robots replace humans?

Will software robots replace humans?

Automation of business processes via RPA is one of the main trends in the field of corporate softwa...

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Automation of business processes in Kazakhstan

Automation of business processes in Kazakhstan

How software robots are changing the way domestic businesses work. A little more than a year ag...

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What are the robots?

Software robots are virtual employees who perform routine work at the computer like a human.
Robots (RPA) simulate any repetitive human actions at the computer
Robots (RPA) can press buttons on systems, control the cursor, work in Excel, do calculations, etc.
Robots (RPA) are efficient in performing routine processes that can be described in the form of instructions

What are the benefits?

Robots work 24/7
No need to change T architecture
Return on investment within 1-1.5 years
Increase in work productivity by 4-6 times
The cost of 1 robot is 1/3 of the cost per person or even less
Elimination of errors and human factors

Where the robots could be used?

Accounting and tax accounting

Human Resources and Payroll

Information Technology

Use cases

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We have prepared for you a detailed description of cases with effect n figures and facts

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