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Robotic Process Automation is a software that enables seamless business process transformation. RPA is one of the fastest growing software markets according to Gartner.

of customers hire Partners to start RPA journey

$30 billion

The RPA services market will grow by 2030

less than 4%

of freelancers and service providers offer RPA


of Enterprise customers consider switching to more affordable RPA platforms

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You don't need to be a cool programmer to create bots, just have basic skills

Automate no-code:
- tasks of working with websites and marketplaces (data scraping, data entry etc.);
- working with Excel files;
- repetitive tasks in Windows and web applications (CRM, ERP, Google Services, Payroll, etc.);
- data reconciliations;
- complex reports from multiple systems, files.

A soft landing partnership program designed for IT service providers and Freelancers

Best offering

Offer unlimited unscheduled workflows for free or cloud-based subscription with 5 scheduled workflows for $99.99/month.
Differentiate yourself from competitors by offering on-premise Enterprise grade platform subscription for 3 times less price compared to big brands. For unlimited on-premise setup licences contact us directly.


First project assistance

Receive our support during your first project. For Enterprise customers we can help you by providing free PoC.


Use cases database

Get our use cases and become your customers RPA adviser. Our use cases from different industries and functions completed by our partners and our team for all-scale customers.



Place your brand on our website, submit your case studies and become a part of our marketing campaign. Our marketing activities include articles in business media, webinars and conferences.


Subscription based robust business model

Offer a bundle of RPA licenses and technical support services as an RPA subscription.

Basic programming skill is enough to start RPA journey

Create software bots by using no-code Studio, an Enterprise level Integrated Development Environment.


Python RPA

A tool to save time and money by automating routine operations

Freeing up more than 60% of employees' time

Complete replacement of single-type operations with bots

7x faster operation

Robot performance times faster than even the most motivated employee

Reducing errors by up to 100%

Software that unmistakably mimics human actions

Compare Python RPA vs Traditional Platforms

* - information gathered from vendors' websites and public sources.
Our results for the last 6 months

Large and medium-sized customers worldwide

$3 000

Average freelancer revenue per month


Active partners work with us

$5 000

Average IT Service Provider's monthly revenue per team member

A plan to fit your needs


Unlimited unscheduled workflows

$0 per/month

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What’s Included:

Workflows: Unlimited unscheduled workflows (attended bots)

Support channel: community


5 scheduled workflows

$99,99 per/month

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What’s Included:

Workflows: 5 scheduled workflows

Orchestration: cloud

Additional workflows: $15 per/month

Audit logs: 6 months

Job logs: +

Scheduling and monitoring: +

Versions: +

Support channel: community, email


Custom / On-Premise or Private Cloud setup

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What’s Included:

PoC: Free pilot project

Workflows: custom

Orchestration: on-premise

Additional workflows: custom

Audit logs: custom

Job logs: +

Scheduling and monitoring: +

Versions: +

Support channel: community, email, chat, phone

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