Python RPA

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Python code-based scripts and Python RPA bots are integrated at Otbasy Bank.

Dissatisfied with the tech support and feature addition process of large vendor solutions, Otbasy Bank, the third-largest bank in Central Asia by assets, pivoted its strategy to incorporate startup solutions into its ecosystem. Becoming an early adopter of Python RPA, the bank has assembled a team of four RPA and AI developers. 

The initial Python RPA bots were deployed in the IT support department for user account management (provisioning, revocation). Following a successful implementation, RPA was scaled to cover accounting and HR business functions. Over the past two years, more than 30 business processes have been automated, including reconciliations, preparation and uploading of mandatory reports to governmental portals, bank day closing procedures, data verification using OCR (Tesseract), and many more.

The internal RPA team comprises developers proficient in both Python programming and Python RPA Studio. To expedite the development of bots and reduce time to market, the team employs a blended approach, utilizing Orchestrator for both Python code-based bots and Python RPA bots. 

“This approach facilitates seamless automation scaling and ensures security enforcement” – comments Yergerey Mazhit, a head of IT tech support, RPA and AI.