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Studio Users
Maximum number of people using Studio Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Attended Robots
Bots that can execute multiple projects consequently on user’s machine. Launched manually 1 5 Unlimited
Unattended Robots
Bots that can execute multiple projects consequently on Virtual machine. Launched automatically based on schedule 3 Unlimited
For hosted plans, versioning is only provided with paid plans + +
Scheduling, is only provided on unattended bots >1minute >1minute
The centralized log of bots activities Unlimited Unlimited
On-Premise or Private Cloud Setup
Orchestrator deployment on Customers’ infrastructure +
Support Channel
Communication Channels Community Community + Email Community + Email + Phone

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between attended bots and unattended bots?

Attended bots could be installed on PC, laptop or VM be launched manually while Unattended bots could run based on schedule, basically you can get all the features available in Orchestrator that includes status monitoring, manual interventions, credentials encryption and many more.

What’s workflow and how many times a day could bot execute my task?

Workflow or task are the same. Bot could work 24 hours, 7 days a week and execute an unlimited number of tasks and unlimited times within 24 hours.

How to connect my Python scripts to Orchestrator?

We have prepared a special tutorial for connecting your Python code-based bots to Orchestrator, check our youtube channel.

What is included in Studio?

Studio enables use of more than 150 no-code activities such as working with web apps, desktop apps, SAP, Java apps, Azure OCR, Computer Vision, Microsoft Office, Google sheets, emails, Databases, API requests, Python scripts and many more.

Is Studio free to use?

Yes, Studio is totally free to use, no limitations for number of projects created in Studio and time to use.

Do I need to be a programmer to start using Studio?

No, but you have to have skills to design algorithms, it’s kind of basic programming skill.

How many days needed to learn Studio?
Can I hire a team or freelancer to create a task for me?