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Switching Vendors: BI Group Reached the Break-even Point Within 8 Months

After a successful RPA pilot with a top-tier RPA platform and two subsequent years of hyperautomation scaling, BI Group, the largest construction holding in Central Asia (with revenue exceeding USD 1 billion), faced an issue of escalating license costs. This led to the shelving of some potential tasks for automation.

Three months of piloting Python RPA by an internal RPA team led to the company’s decision to completely transition to Python RPA. Thanks to unlimited bot licenses and affordable pricing, BI Group managed to reach the break-even point within 8 months and establish a new automation roadmap that included many small tasks for the accounting and operations departments that were not previously considered.

The development of the first bot with Python RPA took one month, facilitated by team training provided by the vendor’s development team, which was included in the subscription.