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Processing unidentified customer payments


Before: Accountants at a construction company spent about an hour each day trying to determine the details of payments (client’s identification data, contracts, etc.) from customers. It often happened that payments were made by someone other than the customer, such as a wife paying for her husband through a payment terminal while entering her personal ID in the payment details. Customer identification information was necessary for revenue allocation purposes (for projects, contracts, and customer segments). To find out the details, the accountant would call the sales manager and send him the payment information to find out the details. The share of unidentified payments was up to 30%.


Now: RPA Bot checks for unidentified payments on a daily basis and sends an email to the sales manager requesting clarification of payment details. If a reply is not received within two days, the bot reminds the sales manager, with the sales department director copied on the email. After receiving a reply (in excel format), the bot automatically enters the payment details in the ERP system.